We Ran Away

This past weekend, Andrew and I loaded up our Midgets and headed down to The Swamp to visit my Dad and Stepmom.

It was a much needed, relaxing weekend.

Well, all except the drive down when Gabriel decided to SCREAM for 6, yes countem, SIX hours straight.

That was not needed and definately not relaxing.

Especially the part where he past out, seriously, as we pulled into thier driveway.


But other then THAT, the weekend was perfection.

I know that it was warm and sunshiney in Georgia too, but I like to pretend we were the only lucky ones that got to spend the entire weekend outside!

There was a whole lotta orange, grapefruit, and lemon picking going on at all times.

Josie kept asking why they had belly buttons.

Not sure what that was all about!

Other then being spoiled rotten by her Grandma and Grandpa, not being told no, and feeding endless snacks to the cat, THIS is Josie's favorite part of Florida:

Coke and a smile.  I like to tell myself it's ok for her to ingest large quantities of Coke while we are with my Dad.  It's bonding.


Then we Juiced.

But the juice didn't measure up to the Coke, so it was abandoned while we went out for Pre-Dinner Ice Cream.

Mmm Mmm.  I love that man.

We seriously spent the weekend outside. 

I forgot how nice the sun feels.

We learned that Josie may never be a Basketball Star.

No matter what my Dad tried, she couldn't make it in.

And now, the cutest Fat Baby Belly Covered In Orange Juice EVER:

His cuteness makes up for the stress he caused on the way down.

And of course, we never leave my Dad's house without something ridiculously awesome.

These are HUGE sheets of paper with thier own little cartoon guys on them.  He made each of them a big stack so we've been Arting away over here!

Thank you Dad and Patricia for a great weekend!  Can't wait to get back, however I might be shipping the baby!


Kim said...

Looks like fun! Next time you go bring me back a bag of oranges- I'll trade :)