Let's go ahead and call this, "The Week Of The Cardigan."

I seriously did not notice I wore one pretty much everyday until I uploaded the pictures. 

Poor Andrew.  No wonder he dislikes them so much.  Maybe if I didn't wear them EVERY DAY he wouldn't be so opposed to them!

In my own defense, I love my Summer tops but obviously can't wear them in January. 

Cardis to the rescue!!

Wednesday - Church

Red Cardi - Ann Taylor Loft
Purple Tank - Target
Jeans - Gap

I put this together out of the dryer.  One of my favorite ways to make an outfit!  I felt a little "Red Hat Society" but not enough to go change!

Thursday - Josie's Lemon Loves Lime Shoot

Plaid Shirt - Walmart
Tan Cardi - Target
White Tank - Target
Jeans - Banana Republic

Friday - Chill Day @ Home

Purple Sweatshirt (not a cardi!) - Target
Jeans - Target

We were supposed to have another day of shooting today but the photographer had a family emergency so we got to spend the day at home.  Which was nice since it was Gabe's birthday!

I made a special trip back to Target to get this shirt after I left without it the other day.  I was convinced I needed it.  I don't like it and will now be making a 3rd trip to Target to bring it back.

Saturday - Gabriel's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Navy Cardi - Ann Taylor Loft
Green Tank - Gap
Jeans - Gap

Gotta match the Birthday Boy.  I'm strange like that.

Sunday - Church & Waffle House

Black Cardi - Target
Grey Ruffle Tank - Target
Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft

Is it weird that I felt like the ruffles looked like chest hair poking out the top of my cardi?!!?

Monday - Errands & Darlene's

Printed Cardi - Gap
Red Tank - Target
Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft


Krista said...

I love your ruffle tank and cardi!! Great week of outfits :)

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

You look great! I love a good cardigan!

Ally's Corner said...

Looking cute this week. Loving the Grey Ruffle Tank you got at Target.

Katri said...

I love it. I feel like I wear very similar outfits to yours this week!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Hattie said...

Lovin' all the cardigans!!! You cracked me up with the chest hair comment! Ha!

MEL [V] DESIGNS said...

Ok! You are officially the cutest girl EVAH! Love love your outfits....starting in March I am now going to be doing WIWW! Thanks for the inspiration...I so need to get out of these sweats!