Sunday Science

I am so excited to add some Science to our school time!  I've always loved science and there are some awesome kids projects out there that teach great lessons about our World.

We started this week with a very easy one.

I found this one at PreKinders and knew it was perfect for after Halloween.

I started by going over the basic steps of a science experiment.  We had fun trying to say Hypothesis!

I asked them what they thought would happen if we poured water over the Skittles.

I was very impressed that they thought that the water would melt their Skittles.

We had the kids pick 3 Skittles and put them in their dish.

Then they had to slowly and carefully pour their glass of water over the Skittles, trying not to move them at all.

Then we let it sit for awhile while we did some art.

When we came back we observed what had happened.

The colors melt off and stay separated.  The S on the Skittles was supposed to rise to the top but we bumped the dishes a little too much and lost our S's.

Then we recorded our observations.

Josie's tasted "awfully like soup." 

Which I'll take as a compliment to my soup making skills since she drank the whole dish!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the skittles activity! Thanks for sharing!! Kerri