Little School - SPIDERS!

Spiders was supposed to be our theme last week since it was right before Halloween.  But I was recovering from The Great Tummy Trouble of 2010 so I had to cancel. 

Thursday was rainy so it was perfect for our Itsy Bitsy Spider activites we had planned.  Ashley even brought this super cool costume!  We wanted them to "climb the waterspout," but Josie was more interested in biting my legs.

Payton got the idea!

Ashley showed up with a bag full of goodies including this fun one that I had never seen before:


The spider actually slides up and down the straw waterspout!  How cool is that!?!?

We did some marble painting to make webs.

And some Egg Carton Spiders.

Then we stuck the spider on the web.  Josie was not happy with me that I hot glued her spider down.  I guess he was going to be her new playmate.

And of course, the Snack Queen showed up with another amazing snack! 

I wish she would put out a themed cookbook!  Her snacks are always so fun!