B4FIAR - Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?

We have been Rowing Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear.  Which was quite fitting for my child who likes to wear 10 different outfits a day lately!

Halloween week was super busy and I was out of commission for a couple days with a stomach bug and we had a couple young house guests for the weekend so school was light.

This story was my favorite so far.  The words seemed to flow perfect and the story was cute.

We started out with a surprise breakfast, Bear Pancakes!

We whipped up some Whole Wheat Pancakes and made faces out of fruit.  Then we added honey, because we all know bears love honey!

Jesse Bear plays in his sandbox but we just cleaned out our sandbox and only have water in there right now so we made some homemade playdough.  It turned out a little sticky, but Josie loved it. 

I added Pumpkin Pie Spice so it smelled awesome!

Ashley showed me an awesome site called PreKinders that I love, love, love!

I printed out a bunch of new activites for us and even squeezed in a few Halloween ones right before we went trick or treating.

For this one she rolled a die and then added that number of pumpkin seeds to the page.  It's meant to be a game where we would both play but our printer pooped out on me.

And this was a simple sheet to help work on her one to one counting.  She did really well and I loved that it was easy for her to correct the mistakes she did make.

My favorite project was our Thankful Tree.  Josie asks us every night at dinner, "what are you Thank You'd for?"

I did manage to squeeze in one more Jesse Bear activity.  I had our Teddy Bear Picnic all planned out in my head, but ran out of time to execute it the way I wanted to. 

Jesse Bear eats a super healthy lunch and we were going to have the same thing but going to the grocery store with 4 kids under 4 did not sound like a good idea to me so we improvised!

I told Josie we were having our Teddy Bear Picnic over breakfast and she spent the next 4 hours brining down dolls and animals and play food!

Dora ate an entire pot of pepperoni!