Our Thankful Tree

*This is a repost of my favorite Thanksgiving Tradition at our house!  We are in full swing with our Thankful Tree this year & have loved reading through what we were thankful for last year*

I love all things revolving around any kind of theme. 

It brings order to my OCD world.

So from the start of October until the end of February, I am one happy lady.  All the Holidays provide plenty of inspiration for me to get all crafty.

Now that my Halloween Decor is neatly packed away for the year, it was time to bring on some Turkey Day Goodness.  And now that Josie is grasping what each holiday means, I knew I wanted to spend lots of time focusing on what Thanksgiving means for our family.

So I came up with a "Thankful Tree."

Although I'm certain I didn't "come up" with it since it's pretty generic.

We basically did the same thing we did for our Family Tree only in Fall colors.

And I added our Memory Verse.


Then we cut out leaves and put them in a jar.  Each night at dinner we will each write down something that we are thankful for and stick it up on our tree.

Of course, Josie's first one had to do with her daughter.

I'm pretty thankful for my daughter too so I don't blame her.

My plan is to save our leaves after Thanksgiving and put them out each year. 

I'm looking for more ideas to teach a child to have a Thankful Heart so send your ideas my way!


Anonymous said...

Advent calendars are pretty popular and I have seen tons of them in the Blog world. Each day you write what you are Thankful for... same concept as your tree.

Kawaii said...

Awesome project! Don't forget to put her age on the leaves. =)

Laura said...

LOVE it! We are doing this today. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Each night after prayers and Bible reading we do our "thankful for's" all year because there is just so much to be thankful for :) An Eph. 5:20 leaf wreath is hanging with all of our little turkey's right now. Love this time of year, extra reflections of what good the Lord has done.

Love your tree!

Beth said...

We did this last year and I totally forgot about it. thanks for the reminder! So stinken cute!!!