Now That Was A Weekend!

Most of my weekends look a lot like my week days.  Hanging out with my Sister Wives and my family around the house.

But this weekend I seemed to decide to cram in as much as humanly possible into the 3 little days!

Friday Night was Date Night.

I love Date Night.

I'm sad that I didn't get any pictures because we all looked mighty nice.  Not a Waffle Uniform in sight.

I had a good laugh when I looked in my Date Night Purse on our way out:

Pretty empty without the diapers, sippy cups, baby food, and other baby paraphernalia!

We met up with the Mabes in Griffin and went to Angelos.  Holy smokes it was good!  And huge portions which means yummy italian leftovers!

We will be returning!

Saturday we went to the Foster Parent Appreciation Picnic.

And then The Hatch Market Craft Fair, home for naps, then back to Griffin for the Grub Grab. 

The craft fair and the Grub Grab turned out to be duds. 

 A for effor Griffin, but better luck next year. 

We ended up eating at Slices with The Mabes and The Benes.

Sunday we got all gussied up for Bishop Appreciation Day at church!

We love that man!

Then we headed to The Gardens to celebrate this Little Dude's 3rd Birthday.

And stayed for the Scarecrow Celebration!

A lot of fun stuff huh?

I had a blast.  But my favorite part of the weekend???

Andrew finally gave me the OK to buy a new vacuum!

I'm sure seeing the Baby playing with hair balls from the floor helped speed up his decision!

I'm embarassed to admit it, but I haven't had a working vacuum in months.  And after borrowing Darlene's and Amber's I'm convinced mine wasn't working right long before it actually gave out.

This baby will be my new best friend!


The Edberg's said...

What kind did you get?