B4FIAR - The Big Green Pocketbook

This week we read, "The Big Green Pocketbook."  It's a story about a little girl who spends a morning running errands with her Mom and collecting parts of her day in her pocketbook.

Josie loved the story and is starting to really observe things in the pictures more and more.

We were able to do a few of the activities from the book, but a lot of our work was crafty or basic preschool skills this week.

And apparently we enrolled her in Night School since most our schooling happened after bath and PJ time!

I introduced Addition this week.  She sorta understood and loved playing with the bears.

The Mom in the book goes to the Post Office.  Josie always loves the Post Office but I didn't have anything to send off.  So we spent time making Thank You cards for some special people.

Josie drew her first person and a dog.  Her Grandpa would be proud!

Fall Wreath

I didn't have a need to go to a lot of the places in the book, but I did have a few errands and thought that captured the feel of the book.  We headed to the Car Wash.

Not Josie's favorite.

And then I enlisted some cheap (aka - free) child labor and made her vacuum her side of the car.  She loved it and I spent the entire time making sure she didn't get her hair sucked off her head.

Then we headed to the Post Office to mail her special letters!

This Parking Deck topped the list of favorites for this week!  Two old cereal boxes, 4 toilet paper rolls, and a couple sheets of construction paper later and we have a mini "Whole Foods!"

The girl loves it!  I love when free stuff is a hit!

For Friday Life Skills we had a little more Child Labor.  Please don't report me!

I swear she thought it was fun!

And we roased pumpkin seeds for our baking project.  Although I quickly learned that nobody in our house likes roasted pumpkin seeds so it was a bit of a waste.


The Edberg's said...

I LOVE pumpkin seeds, although, I do have to ask - what did you roast the pumpkin seeds with? I usually do an overnight soaking with salt water, then bake with some sea salt on top - or garlic salt. They end up coming out white...maybe some different spices would help? :-)