The Rock Ranch

This past Saturday (before Josie's First Real Magazine Photoshoot!) we went to The Rock Ranch.

They were having a Hot Air Balloon Rally and Josie is mildly obsessed with "The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess.  She named the main character Esther.  Esther rides in a hot air balloon so I knew Josie would flip over seeing them for real.

Which I'm sure she would have had there actually been any hot air balloons at said Hot Air Balloon Rally.

Turns out the balloons would be there until after we had to head back to our side of town.  Josie was pretty bummed, but we did have fun while we were there.

Especially since Andrew actually got a real Saturday off and was able to come with us!  That's a rare treat!

She was dead set on riding the Paddle Boats. 

Until we got on the dock.

And they probably should have advised an equal weight distribution. 

As soon as we got in, Andrew's side sunk way low and started to fill with water! 

Then we couldn't figure out how to steer.

Josie was less then thrilled, but Andrew and I about died laughing.

She did enjoy the train ride though.

But the favorite of the day?

Tiny Town!

I've been mildly obsessed with getting Josie a real playhouse ever since I saw this bad boy

Tiny Town did nothing to cure my Playhouse Disease.


It was a lot of walking and overpriced, but overall it was a fun family day!


Paige said...

Tiny town looks adorable!!