If You Give A Moose A Muffin

We didn't do our B4FIAR work this week since the majority of our time was spent up at Papa Moose's Pumpkin Patch! 

But when Josie got the, "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" book in her kids meal the other day, it was too fitting not to do a little work with it.

I mean, we were going to see Papa Moose and all!

This was seriously the easiest book to Row ever.  I wish they were all this straight forward.  Each page was a totally doable idea!

We started the week with, what else, Muffins and Jam.

I'm researching Montessori ideas and love the Practical Life Skills she taught on.  This was perfect for that.

The book takes place in the Fall so we headed out to go on a Nature Walk. 

Josie loved this and I loved the one on one time.  She collected things that reminded her of Fall and put them in her bucket.  When we got home she glued them on a piece of paper.

Easy Peasy.

On a totally different note, we have officially entered the Crazy Outfit Stage.  It's either the Purple Dress or a completely mismatched ensemble.  Some days I make her wear what I pick but honestly, on most days it isn't worth the battle.  Her outfits deserve a post of their own!

She did some lacing cards.  I thought about letting her do some real sewing but the week was just to crazy to let her loose with a sharp object!

I had also planned to make sock puppets up at my Mom's house, but we just ran out of time to fit it in.