Real Fall

It's no secret how much I love Minnesota.

It's My Homeland, My Happy Place, Where I Started.

I miss a lot about Minnesota.  My family, my roots, actually having four seasons.

Georgia has 2.  Super hot and almost too cold. 

We get about 2 weeks of Fall and Spring if we're lucky. 

I spent the last four days in Minnesota soaking up every second of the 75 degree days surrounded by every color of leaf ever created. 

It was amazing.

And Josie got right down to business in the leaves at Papa Moose and Gigi's cabin!

Baby V wasn't sure what he thought about having leaves thrown in his face.

So he went to bed and I taught Josie how to be a Minnesota Girl in the Fall.

She caught on pretty quick.

Then I ruined all her fun and made her pose for a picture.

Lucky for her, Gigi was close by to rev up the leaf throwing goodness.

Then Mae Mae showed us all up with her jumping skills.

Let me tell you how much fun this was to comb out of her hair the next day.

Eventually we helped clean up some of the leaves. 

Bonfires by the lake on a perfect Fall day?

Add that to the list of things I miss.


Anonymous said...

oh how quickly we forget the-10 degree days with a 15 mph wind. but its easy to do in mid fall mn!

Kameron said...

She is such a doll! I love her expressions!