B4FIAR - Caps For Sale

This week's book was Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. 

Josie loved this book and wanted to read it 3 or 4 times each day.  Last week I had a hard time finding activities for The Quiet Way Home.  This week I found so many fun ones we almost couldn't fit them all in! 

Prepare for picture and idea overload!

Homeschool Share's website had a ton of printouts that go with the book. 

We did a couple different math ones that were all a success.  Josie is still working on 1 to 1 counting (1,2,3,4) of actual objects.  She usually counts things twice or skips around the page so these were great practice.

We played Monkey See, Monkey Do each day.  I tried to come up with silly positions to get her laughing!

We are learning to write letter H so we worked on that a couple times and worked on building a house out of shapes.  I was suprised at how difficult this was for her.  She didn't get the abstract side of how to put them together.  We are going to keep working on this one.

For Little School this week we are learning about apples so we decided to pretend that the monkeys in the book were in an apple tree.  She did some outside painting and made her own version of an apple tree.

Ashley found these great wooden letters at the Dollar Store.  I went and grabbed two packs and have already come up with a ton of games to play.  This week we did a simple game where I held up a letter and she found it in her pile, told me the name, and made the sound.  She won a chocolate for getting them all right!

The Peddler in the book is selling his caps for .50 cents a cap.  Homeschool Share had a printout to teach about the different coins.  We cut out the coins and talked about what they were worth then pasted her book together. 

Then we headed out to the Dollar Store and she got to pick a treat and pay for it with her own money!

We also did Coin Washing.  I counted this as our Practical Life Work even though it's not too practical to wash coins.  She had her buddies over so it only lasted a couple minutes.

And since we all know monkeys love bananas we made chocolate covered bananas for our food project!

I think it's safe to say they were a hit!

She worked on Fine Motor Skills with some cutting and tearing to make an Paper Plate Apple.

For Friday Life Skills we did some apple slicing.  With yummy carmel dip of course!

Whoo!  We sure packed a lot in!  Josie did great staying on track and being excited about school.  We are taking a field trip to Papa Moose's Pumpkin Patch this week so school will be light.

Isn't our Principle cute?!?!

Caps For Sale Lapbook


Tara Ball said...

I have this book for Sophia and she loves it too! Thanks for the great ideas to use with it.


Tara Ball said...

Sorry to be commenting again..but my MOPS group had a kindergarten teacher come in last year and talk about math and how to teach young children math. She also brought in a lot of examples and different books you could use. I've used quite a few and thought you might like to have look.


Also one of Sophia's other favorite books is "Then the doorbell rang" The mom makes cookies and kids keep showing up so they have to share the cookies. you could do an activity with plastic cookies and a cookie sheet. sorry to ramble. :)