A Reason To Celebrate

Saturday was my all time favorite day ever, ever, ever.

The anniversary of the day Josie came home to us.  Or, as it's more commonly referred to around here, Gottcha Day!

And in our book, that's a great reason to celebrate!

When we talk about Gottcha Day with Josie, we talk about how it's a celebration for the whole family.  But let's be honest, the entire day is all about her!

We started the day off with a few of her favorite things: French Toast, Sprinkles, Smiley Faces, and Candles!

And balloons bigger then her head.

And then we spent a busy morning waiting for 3:30 to roll around so we could get the party started!

I am fully aware that I am extremely biased, but Josie is Take My Breath Away Stunning.

When I was growing up, I got a DQ Ice Cream Cake every year for my birthday.  Somehow that tradition fizzled out, so I'm bringing it back as the Gottcha Day Tradition!

Josie insisted I get her candles.  Nobody knew what to sing to her so we just told her to blow them out!

It was a perfect day. 

Celebrating rock solid proof of how great our God is and that He is still in the business of everyday miracles.

The weather was perfect and we were surrounded by people we love. 

Like I said, it was a perfect day.

We ended the shindig with dinner on the patio of our favorite local mexican place.  Yum Yum!

I still can't believe she's been mine for three years.

But I'm so glad it's true.


aaron said...

Yeah, she's pretty alright.

kimmer said...

What a wonderful celebration...I am sorry to have missed being there with you all. We love that little darling girl with all our hearts and thank God every single day for blessing us all with sweet girl. A true miracle!!!

Kameron said...

Yay for Gotcha day!! She is stunning, and so is baby V! The cheeks just get me every time! Did you make those pants for her?