Who Knew?

Tonight is our First Ever Big Family Camp Out!  I'm still trying to think up a better name then that since it's sure to become an annual event.

We have about 6 families coming to set up camp in our front yard!  We have a ton of fun planned, scavanger hunts in the woods, crafts for the kiddos, smores and hot dogs on the bonfire, and an outside movie before bed! 

Not to mention, indoor plumbing and electricity a few feet from the site!

Josie has never been camping because, let's be honest, I'm not really an outdoorsy type of mama.  I love the idea of roughing it, but that's about it.

We borrowed Darlene's tent on Monday night and after Josie asked to set it up 30 times in 15 minutes, I decided to just set it up rather then listening to her asked repeatedly for the next 5 days.

And if I had known that it would result in her playing quietly by herself for hours at a time, I would have set it up 4 months ago!

You can bet your camping shoes that either this or one of these babies will be on her Christmas List!


Danielle said...

Eli LOVES a tent...has one on his bed and one for the play room. This idea of Family Camp Out sounds fun...might have to try that sometime. Ya'll have fun!

Amber said...

Our tent was my best $2 investment. I'm amazed Olivia started loving it as soon as she started crawling. She does need a new one already. They also have kid tents at ikea for $10.

kimmer said...

Looks like so much fun going on Again at the Pope house!!! You have the best ideas! Can't wait to hear all about the camp-out! Do we have to wait for Christmas to get the tent? I think there is another very special day coming up!! We'll talk!