The Next Chapter - September Meeting

We had Book Club Wednesday Night and I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't remember I had my camera until 2 minutes before I left. 

I was sad.

That blurry lady up there hosted and, like always, did an amazing job. 

Our book was Eat, Pray, Love (story of a woman's journey to find inner peace.  She spends a year traveling from Italy to India to Indonesia discovering pleasure, devotion, and the balance between the two).

Amber made her famous lasagna and the fettacini bake.  And rolls because apparently Amy wasn't satisfied with the carbs provided by the pasta.  That covered Italy.

Then she made Indonesian Brownies.  Also known as Betty Crocker.

I guess she may have prayed, or at least said God's name, while cooking all that food so that covers India.

I personally loved the book.  I had read it when it first came out and loved it then too.  I guess I really related to her search for how she communed with God. 

I cannot wait to see the movie.

The discussion was great.  I love hearing everyone's opinions but I especially loved talking about faith and what that means to each of us. 

As always, I walked away loving my Book Club Girls!


Meghan said...

the movie is GREAT and i have already gone on my own version of a "Pray" trip. it's definitely a great girls night movie!

kimmer said...

I love it that you loved it. I think we'll love the movie, too! I sure did love this book!!! I pray I'll see the movie on Monday night...after my bookclub girls all eat out together while discussing yet another good book...Mudbound. Love! Love! Love!