Now That's A Fair!

I love the State Fair.

Last year I tried to replace my fair craving with the Byron Fair.  It did not live up to my expectations.

You see, I grew up going to the Great Minnesota Get Together.  Which is the greatest fair on Earth!

So this year I purposely planned our Minnesota Vacation to coincide with the start of the fair.

And today, I finally cured my need for the fair!

Josie was so excited she woke up at 6 AM yelling about leaving for the fair.  I may have pumped her up just a wee bit with all my fair excitement!

It took me approximately 15 steps from the entrance to obtain my first food on a stick.  

Welcome back Corn dogs!  I've missed you!

Josie inhaled what my Mom thought was her corn dog!

We met up with my big brother and headed to the Dairy Barn.

Where my favorite exhibit at the fair is.

Enter Butter Heads:

Yes, my good friends, that would be the Minnesota Dairy Princess's head carved out of a huge block of butter.

Only in Dairy Country people!

I'm not sure why I love the Butter Heads so much, but I do.  They make me laugh every time!

But this made me laugh even harder!

Pretty sure they didn't have to put that poor girls picture on the slab of butter!

The Dairy Barn also houses the freshest, creamiest, most yummy yummy ice cream in the World.

It was almost as big as my child's head!

We saw lots of stinky animals.

And then we took Josie on her very first fair ride, the carousel!

She loved it!

But it was a bit scary.  I seem to remember seat belts on these things.

Not so much.

And it was a wee bit windy up there.  They sent us around a billion times and let us off just before we all puked.

Sno Cones, Cookies, and one more round of Corn Dogs.

And this is the highlight of the fair.  I shed a tear for anyone who doesn't have a Giant Slide at their fair.

Aaron and I have been going down this baby for 25 years.  And it's still a total blast!

You go down on a huge potato sack!  I don't know if Josie or I squealed louder!

We had so much fun!  Did I mention I love the fair!?!?!

And if you needed any more proof that we had an amazing time, this was Josie 2.5 minutes after we got in the car:

Thank You Minnesota State Fair for being exactly what I remembered!


aaron said...

Best day ever.

Cunz Family said...

Can I just throw out a big fat "JEALOUS"! I was able to make it home 2 yrs ago for the fair...along with the food I'm a nerd and love seeing the news anchors...I got to meet my crush, metiorologist Keith Marler from Fox 9 news, and even got a picture with him, I was star struck...again, nerd alert. Glad to see you got to make it to the fair!!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Minnesotan, I can back you up on this one. The MN State Fair is THE absolute best. I can't wait for fair time every year. Yum.

The Edberg's said...

Looks like you had a great visit to the GREAT MN get together!