lazy summer days

We are having a great time in Minnesota.  The weather is perfect.  Almost fall-like but still warm.  My favorite.

We've been spending our days doing whatever we feel like.  Which happens to include:

Celebrating my brother's birthday with the best cheesecake ever!

playing t-ball/golf

and getting soaking wet with our clothes on!

I can't believe we only have 3 days left before we head home.

I am ready to see Andrew and Baby V, but I always hate leaving here.

Today is Papa Moose's big party and tomorrow we are spending the day at the State Fair!  I'm still pining for a trip to the Mall of America before we head out Saturday afternoon too.


Kameron said...

Oh I didn't realize (duh) that you didn't bring the baby! A mommy and Josie trip must be awesome for her!