Mole Hill Mountains

This past Summer has been a crazy one.

Births, deaths, new beginnings, endings.

In the past 3 months, I've seen relationships come full circle. From tight knit, to shambles, and built back up.

And as I think back over it, I want to learn from it. At least then I can feel like the hurt feelings and harsh words resulted in something other then pain.

I've thought long and hard about it and settled on the following lessons.

If you don't deal with a mole hill head on, it will become a mountain.

A tidbit of gossip, a mispoken word, a phone call forgotten. All of them seemingly small issues.

Yet if the resulting hurt feelings aren't dealt with and days, weeks, months go by you'll find yourself standing at the foot of a mountain.

And mountains aren't easy to climb.

I have decided that a few minutes of being uncomfortable and vulnerable is better then months without your best friends.

This Summer was emotional. Amber, Amy, and I all dealt with it in different ways which resulted in us dealing with it alone.

And it was awful.

Sad. Lonely. Miserable.

But as the Summer comes to a close, we will be ending it together.

I know we all learned more about ourselves and I think it's safe to say we are all ok with the fact that we need eachother.

As we all worked out our issues with eachother, it was almost humorous to hear how trivial it sounded. I caught myself thinking, "we missed out on eachothers lives for 3 months for that!?!

Not all the issues were small. Some were big. Some were sad.

But now we can face them and the results of them together.

And the mountain doesn't look so big.

Today I'm thankful for peace and for tripods.


kimmer said...

Girlfriends that are real...rock!
I am so glad you all found your way back to each other!

The Edberg's said...

I'm happy that you have your girls back in the tripod.