There has been a lot of talk about our upcoming school year around here.

I've been printing, planning, cutting, and laminating every night. And my Eager Beaver has been anxiously awaiting our start date.

I'm still waiting for our curriculum to come in and when it does, I'll have a good week of organizing for that.

But Josie can't hold out that long.

Every morning she asks if we are starting yet, so I figured I'd better start doing some activities with her so she doesn't lose interest.

So we did some more art!

This was so much fun!

Andrew bought the World's Biggest Jar of Corn Syrup to make one pecan pie last Christmas. So when I found this idea to paint with corn syrup I knew we could do it right away.

We just mixed the corn syrup with food coloring and then drew our picture with a black crayon.

Like the bug bite?!?

This was the first time ever that Josie semi stayed in the lines! I was SO excited!

I think it helped that I sat with her and asked her questions about her picture the whole time she was working.

Colors? check.

Shapes? check.

Science? check. (I count mixing food coloring and corn syrup!)

Sounds like Preschool to me!


kimmer said...

I Love this drawing...sticky, but so lovely!
Josie is doing great and learning so much!
And she sure knows how to get a dance party going, too!
The girl already has So many talents!

Amber said...

I like her pimple! : )