First Day (August)

I've decided to start a new blog series. I'm calling it "First Day" and I'm just taking pictures through out our day on the first day of each month (I just decided so this is actually the 4th, but close enough!). I did one in July and this is August. I'm hoping it helps me remember our day to day life.


kimmer said...

What happened to our sweet girl? I see band aids....uh-oh...what happened? Looks like quite a production. I hope she's OK !I am excited to see you all soon!

Amber said...

I love the band-aides pic! Band-aides make everything better.

Kameron said...

Did you walk in to discover Josie with the bandaids? I had a floss incident with Nate this morning. They just love bathroom supplies!

It is so sweet her feeind the bottle to her little brother. :o) How are things going with the baby?