Maybe That's "Why Not!"

Our new "Why Not?" parenting plan is working out great.

I've had to catch myself a few times saying no to things that really didn't matter.

But I quickly learned that the only real requests Josie has are about what she wears. Like yesterday she was going to a meeting with Andrew and wanted to wear her recital costume.

We let her and she was happy.

Today she was painting and wanted to paint her fingernails.

I thought about it and decided it's washable paint so why not? And let her have at it.

Fifteen minutes later she walked in like this:


Maybe that's why not!

Lucky for her, I was on the phone with my Mom who is a huge supporter of the "Why Not" method and as I told her what happened and that I had to go, I heard her yelling, "REMEMBER WHY NOT!"

And I did.

The paint washed off and Josie moved on to another activity.

No harm, no foul.

So Why Not goes on!


The Edberg's said...

This is great - Josie really looks like she got into it! You are a great role model for my future mommy skills. Thanks for being a loyal blogger--

Kameron said...

It is hard sometimes to go with that philosophy. Myabe I should work on it a bit more...but Nate gets into a lot more than Josie!!

kimmer said...

I can see how she would get carried away with all those beautiful colors!!! She is such a doll! And she comes right over to show you her colorful creation!!! She didn't mean to do anything wrong so Yeah! "Why Not" lives on....I'm all for it! So creative!

Mrs. M said...

That is so funny and so cute!