Back From The Swamp

The kids and I spent the last week down in what we affectionatly call, "The Swamp." Normal people call it North Florida.

We were down there to visit the kids Grandpa and Grandma and they were adequately spoiled.

How we managed to cram all that we did into 5 days is still beyond me, but we did!

We spent one afternoon at a nature park. Josie loved it. The rest of us were dripping with sweat.

And I thought Georgia was steamy.

We were there to try my hand at Senior Pictures:

Well, not that kind of Senior!

This kind:

My gorgeous little sister is a Senior this year.

I took these with my stock lens. The next day I scored two new lenses and a Speedlite!

Josie spent time helping my Dad do some screen printing in the garage.

I spent many nights cleaning screens just like this!

We spent a day at the beach.

It was this little guys first trip to the ocean! And his first airplane ride!

And the rest of the time we swam, swam, ate, and swam some more!

And I played with my new camera stuff!

These were taken from 15 feet away! I love it!

We had an awesome week! I wish we could get down there more.

We're already planning our next out of state trip. I hope Baby V likes traveling!


The Stairs Family said...

Baby V looks so much like Josie! They have the same coloring and their eyes are so similar! You are one lucky mama, beautiful babies!

Brooke said...

Glad you had a great trip! And what great pictures! What lenses did you score?

Mrs. M said...

Looks so fun!
Love the pic of the two kiddos on the beach together. Sweet.
Enjoy all your new camera gear. I'm a little jealous!:)

kimmer said...

Yes, that photo of the two of them together on the beach is amazing!!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pics!

aaron said...

Looks like pops is starting her young on the all Coke diet.