Her Little World

Some of you may have guessed that I'm a bit of a control freak over things being in the right place.

I've trained Josie where things go and she usually cooperates with her OCD Mother.

But one area in her room is totally her domain.

Her headboard.

And she is just as meticulous as I am about making sure everything is where she needs it before she goes to sleep.

I am sure the day is coming where she will trade these things in for an I Pod and Teen Bop or whatever magazine the kids are reading these day, so I wanted to document what is a neccesity for her at 3.

Polly Pockets, Silly Bands, A Brush She's Never Used, A Princess Swirl Light, Bobble Head Monkey, The New Testament With The World's Smallest Writing, and Her Flashlight.

Her Bible and Her Finger Puppets

A Whale, A Glo Bug, Her Lantern With No Batteries, and Our All Time Favorite Photograph.

A Cup and, of course, Her Purple Phone!

We listen to her talk on that phone every night when she is supposed to be sleeping.

I love that little girl!


kimmer said...

I Love that little girl, too! I can only imagine the conversations that you overhear her make on that little purple phone! Precious!

Mrs. M said...

I love that she chats on her phone before going to sleep. Those conversations must be so funny!