July Bookclub!

Tuesday night we held our July Book Club Meeting.

When Andrew heard that David had a meeting and Amber might not be able to come since he couldn't keep Olivia, he decided to take our two kids PLUS Olivia out for dinner while we had our meeting!

They all look a little nervous, don't they?!?!

I hosted this month and had grand plans to knock every one's socks clean off their feet with my themeing abilities. I even picked my book soley on the fact that I knew I could have an amazing themed meeting.

And then we got a 5 month old.

And then I had the week from Hell, followed by the day from even lower and all my ideas went to waste.

Luckily my Mom saved a piece of the night by providing me with Norwegian Coffee straight from across the ocean!

Instead of doing dinner, I made a bunch of sugary treats since that was what one of the main characters did all the time!

And like always, a little wine, a bit of coffee, sweets, and my favorite Book Club Ladies lifted my spirits and got me feeling like my old happy self again.

I love my Book Clubbies!

We read "Patty Jane's House of Curl" and while none of us hated it, none of us loved it either. It's about a woman and her sister and all the ups and downs that they go through. The story was good, but had quite a few way unbelievable parts and we all had a hard time getting past that.

The author was the lady that wrote, "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons" which is the book that spurred Amber and I to start our little club! And since I can't wholeheartedly recommend House of Curl, I do fully recommend Angry Housewives.

It is really really good!

Mrs. Vicki hosts next month and she picked, "The Corner of Bitter and Sweet." We have a couple new girls joining us for that meeting so I'm sure it will be a blast!

AND Andrew did show up at the end of the meeting with all 3 children in tact. He had a minor incident, but as we say around these parts, no harm, no foul.

Way to go Super Dad! I'm still not agreeing to have 7 children, but you convinced me you can handle 3!


kimmer said...

Glad you had fun at bookclub....and that the coffee was good! Sometimes just getting the girls together is just what you need! My club read "the corner of bitter and sweet" last month..actually I'm just finishing it now. Bill and I are reading it together as we make our trips in the car...a new twist on 'audio books!' I'm the "audio", he's the listener...it's a very good book! Enjoy! (I can give you my copy, we're almost done.)