6 Months Old!

Let me start off by pointing out that Little Man has the cutest wrist rolls ever! And those fat hands?!?!


Baby V is still doing awesome. He had his first plane ride and was an angel the entire flight and he saw the ocean for the first time which he did not love.

He is still waking up at least once during the night but starting tonight we are going to try letting him cry it out.

He is eating a lot better this week and is loving baby food. I decided to keep him on the first foods until next month since I'm not entirely sure what he has tried so far.

He naps 3 times a day and spends his awake time on his playmat or being held. I'm not sure how to really play with a 6 month old!

We took him to our pediatrician last week and he weighs 14 pounds 15 oz and is 24 1/4 inches long. The doctor thinks he is on the small side for his height, but everyone we see says he's a big baby.

Our pediatrician has been amazing about getting all his records straight. We had a phone conference with her and she had already had two phone conversations with his Cardiologist. They are watching his weight and having us bring him in next week for another weigh in. We go to the Cardiologist in a couple weeks so we will get more information on his condition then.

The caseworkers on the other hand are still seriously disorganized.

One person tells us no visits for 3 weeks, another says they are picking him up in the morning, and another one tells us we have to bring him to the office.

We finally got a hold of a supervisor and are getting a set schedule by the end of the next week.

The plan is still reunification. The parents have shown up to the visits and are moving into an apartment. The caseworker told us that pretty much all parents do the visits the first couple months and it's only after that that we will start to be able to predict if he will be going home or not.

Yesterday he spent the day with a worker from OASIS, which is a privately owned company that is writing up a history and an assessment of his whole situation. She was amazing!

Finally someone who seems to know what they are doing!

She was very knowledgeable and just as concerned as we are about the lack of order in the DFACS office. Yesterday they spent the day having his development assessed and checking on his progress. Today she is observing the parent visit and next week she is meeting with the pediatrician.

I am so very happy that she is gathering all this information. Like I've told all our friends and family, I'm fine with him ending up going home as long as it is the right move. I feel like this woman will make sure that it's a safe and healthy place for him to be and that puts my mind at peace with it.

In the mean time, we are just loving having him here.


kimmer said...

Awesome!!! What a great thing you and Andrew are doing by caring for this sweet, little darling boy. I can see all the love flowing into him and I am loving him, too. We will care for him and love him and that's the best thing in the world that we can do right now. Let me know in any way I can help, besides loving him up when I'm able to visit. Proud of You!!!

Mrs. M said...

Love the little lego hands & wrists too.
Keep pushing....that's all you can do. My sister provided kinship foster care here in Canada....it sounds like both countries systems need an overhaul. Yikes.
Baby V is lucky to have you guys! Enjoy him.