Be Little A Little Longer

I've always felt small standing next to the ocean.

I think it's magical.

And seeing Josie standing there, looking so tiny, took my breath away.

I spend a lot of time with Josie. I hear her talking all day long. But yesterday, with the waves crashing in the background, I really wanted to listen.

We talked about whales and sand. We looked at shells and followed a lady in a purple shirt.

Josie tells stories that are hilarious.

It was a perfect moment.

After her nap we took her to see Toy Story 3.

If you know me, you know I didn't cry. But the thought of Old Baby ending up in a box in the attic did get me sniffling.

I know I have lots of time before I have to deal with her trading in her crayons for a laptop but I'm sure when that day comes I'll look back and wonder where the years went.

She's already growing up so fast.

Slow down Baby. Mama needs you to be little a whole lot longer.


Anonymous said...

SUPER CUTE outfit!!!!