Date Night

We've spent the past 144 hours with our families doing lots of family things.

It's been great, but it was time for a little one on one time to be spent however we wanted.

And since the guys and gals don't exactly spend their free time the same way, we decided to have a different kind of date night.

Andrew made sure to wear his "I love my wife" shirt so there wouldn't be any confusion.

And since David spent some time playing footsy with Andrew there was room for confusion.

We did meet up for dinner before we headed on our seperate dates.

David and Andrew went to see Iron Man. It was that or a long walk at a local park.

Amber and I did what we do best. Shopped.

We all headed home around 10 and ended the night with an exciting game of Dominos.

I can't believe vacation is almost over. We have a lot more fun to cram into the next couple days, but I'm pretty sure we will get it all in.