She Sells Seashells

Hunting for seashells is one of the activities on our Summer List and since we are at the beach we were able to cross that one off.

Yesterday morning Josie and I walked over to collect some for her room.

I had a great plan to use the ocean and the shells to teach her about how majestic God is.

But as usual, Josie ended up teaching me.

When we first started our walk I was telling her to find the ones that weren't broken so we could display them when we got home.

"Look for the bright ones that don't have rough edges."

Josie kept picking up broken, dirty, rough shells. I made her drop the first few but then she looked at me and said, "but this one is bewtiful too Mama."

And she was right.

It got me thinking about how we try to display the things in our lives that are clean and crisp. Well put together.

We turn away from broken people and turn our noses up at the dirty parts of people's lives.

Of our lives.

And I realized that when God told us we have to have, "Faith like a child," he wasn't just talking about faith in Him. A child's sees people for what they could be, what's on the inside. Outward appearances just don't matter.

The rest of our walk, I let Josie pick up the shells that she found beautiful.

And when I put them all together it really is a perfect display.


Tristan said...

came across your blog..and LOVE it!

you are such an awesome mommy!

Sarah Goddard said...

that is a great thought to think about!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

kimmer said...

Oh my...you are such a gifted writer and I love your thoughts!!! Have a wonderful rest of vacation and I am praying that you have a very safe journey and I send you my love!!!