Alphabet Summer - 1

2009 233

We started our Alphabet Summer this week and it was just what I was hoping for!
This week we did I and L.
We've never worked on writing letters before and she did pretty well.
On the drawing page she just tried to write the letter without the dots but she wasn't very interested in doing much else.

2009 232

We did a page for her Alphabet Book.

2009 231

And I'm pretty sure the fact that I told her we were making ice cream after she did her book work had nothing to do with her lack of concentration!

2009 239

This ice cream project was so easy and fun! Not to mention it tastes just like an Ice Dream from Chic-fil-a!
For L we did her book work and a letter in her Alphabet Book then made lemonade.

2009 017

I promise I brush her hair every few days! Poor baby.
And for Craft Thursday we just copied what Meg did.

2009 014

I'm trying to teach her to finish what she starts so we ended up working on this together. I loved how it turned out!

2009 015

I thought the week went great. It was nice to have a plan for those days and accomplish it.

This week we are doing T and M!


Fiona said...

what a lovely week. My two are making alphabet books and I was at a loss for what to do for I so thanks for that idea! x