Just For Papa Moose

2009 018

Josie has a lot of strong men surrounding her and covering her with prayer.

She has awesome Grandpas and 2 fabulous Great Grandpas.

But since the first time she met her Papa Moose (my Mom's Dad) she was smitten.

It's a deep rooted, crazy kind of admiration she has for him.

And nobody is allowed to sing her the Moose Song except him.

Which is why she was especially proud on our last garden check when we spotted this:

2009 021

Back in March, while we were in Arizona with Papa Moose, he and Josie planted some pumpkin seeds.

He gave strict instructions for daily watering, lots of sun, and plenty of singing to make her pumpkins grow.

And in the quiet of our last night in Arizona, with Josie sleeping soundly inside, a little switcheroo let her wake up to a sprouted pumpkin plant outside.

She was so excited, I knew there was no boarding our plane without that baby pumpkin plant in tow.

The plant made it home and when the garden was ready, we planted it and hoped for the best.

It was dry and scraggly. I was convinced it wouldn't grow.

And when I tried to find it a couple weeks later, I couldn't remember where I'd planted it.

Poor Josie was sad I lost her "Pumpkin Babies".

And then just last week, where there were no pumpkins before, we spotted this:

2009 020

Cute, Tiny, Sweet, Little Papa Moose Pumpkins.

All the way from Arizona.

And not just a few. We're talking a ton of baby pumpkins on this thing!

2009 019

I won't lie, I teared up when I saw them.

I can't figure out how they made it. I was so sure it got eaten up.

I guess all that singing paid off.


kimmer said...

This is one of your sweetest posts, ever!!! Papa Moose will be so happy that the sweet little plant made it! That little Josie really has a green thumb! Awesome!!!