The Next Chapter - May Meeting

I just got home from Book Club. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, I love, love, love book club!

We were down two members since Darlene is in Texas for Uncle Shiggins Graduation from Boot Camp and Amy had to get her nails done (yea, where are her priorities?!?)

This month was Alicia's turn to host and she did an amazing job!

2009 170

She had picked The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. A few of us had owned the book for years so we were excited to read it.
It was a really good book, but a hard read. It tells the story of a Missionary Family in the Congo from the mother and four daughters perspective. Each daughter suffers in different ways under a dictator of a father who is determined to save the Congo Village. The book follows the girls through adulthood and it was really interesting to see where they each ended up.
Only half of us actually finished the book. Like I said, it was a little difficult to get into. There is a lot of great detail and information in each chapter so we all agreed it would be great to have more time to finish it. (I finished at 7AM this morning)
When we got to Alicia's house she gave us all name tags with African names on them and after we ate she told us what they each meant.

2009 171

Amber's meant "The Good One" and mine was "Like Gold". Alicia is a sweetie pie.
Then she served us something I'm pretty sure the Congo has never had the likes of:

2009 173

And yes, the slices were that big!

I love these women and always look forward to the second Wednesday of the month when we meet.

If you're not in a book club, you should find one. Or better yet, start one with some women you know. I learn something new from each book and from each woman's perspective every month.

Alicia even made up a cheer for us. Maybe next month I can catch it on film. It's that good.


Kameron said...

Can I call in to your book club? ;o) I wish I could get people to do it here. Apparently only a few of us know how to read (kidding).

Amber said...

Ha! Kam, we'll start Skype you in! Nicole's mom has done that a time or two for a member that was out of town.

And OMG...finally a decent picture of me! Thanks for finally posting a "not fat" picture. I'm glad we can still laugh about that whale picture from the cookout! NOT!!!

Mrs. M said...

I love your besties book club. There's strength in women...even in the form of laughter!:)
The Poison Wood Bible...it is great and has a special sweet memory for me....of my 98 yr old "grand aunt" from KY who was reading it in her Literary Club...that's how I got hooked into it. Cool hey? I figure if a sweet 90 something like my aunt can join a literary club, it's game on for me too!