Caroline's wedding was gorgeous and filled up the majority of our weekend in Charleston, but we did sneak in a few other fun things around town.

I'm pretty sure the hotel was Josie's favorite part of the trip. She thought it was hilarious to get to sleep in a bed right next to us and morning snuggles have never been easier!

2009 003

Every morning she walked around the room and cleaned up (aka - stuffed everything into the dresser!)

And the mini fridge and microwave provided hours of entertainment while Andrew and I lounged around! I'm seriously thinking about investing in a real small kitchen for her!

2009 002

We only made it to the pool once but that was good enough for this mermaid.

2009 005

Especially after we found a bug with huge pinchers that had to have been left over from the dinosoar days.

It was scary.

2009 009

Thursday night we had the rehersal dinner.



2009 037

The flower girls gave this little bunch of clovers to Caroline when she was walking down the isle. So sweet!

2009 048

Friday we headed out to go shopping and do some sight seeing.

2009 066

Saturday Andrew brought Josie to breakfast while I packed up. Like what he picked out for her?

No wonder she likes hanging out with him more then me!


We spent that day at the beach before we headed back to Atlanta.



In retrospect, we should have skipped the beach. We were exhausted on the ride home and had to switch drivers about a hundered times. Turns out we are no longer night drivers.

But we made it home safe and fell into bed right away.

We have one month until our big group vacation with the Mabreys and Benefields!


bri said...

I love the resemblance and bond shared between her and her daddy! What a precious gift!

It cracks me up that she "seems" to have your personality. So funny and can make do with just about anything and have fun while at it!

What a beautiful family!

Kameron said...

You packed a lot into a weekend!! Oh and Daddy's always give them the stuff that we ration. I think it is some unwritten rule or something.