Feelin Hot Hot Hot

Andrew and I made a new discovery at Whole Foods this week.

Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt, made right here in Atlanta.

I love me some Greek Yogurt. So much so that it's pretty much replaced my craving for ice cream.

This company is family owned and we love supporting local farmers when we can so, dispite the slightly high price tag, we snagged up a few.

They have awesomely strange flavors. My favorite is Black Cherry with Port Wine.

Andrew thought Josie would like the Tropical Heat.

2009 167

Except I'm not sure he realized what "heat" was...

2009 168

Good thing I snuck a taste before I handed it over to her for breakfast!

This stuff was HOT!


Amber said...

Gross! I could just imagine JK's face if you gave it to her. I just cannot imagine that tasting good at all! :/

kimmer said...

What are you feeding our little girl!?! I also love greek yogurt and its Yummy!!!! (that is with out habanero chilies in it!!!) Try putting just a bit of granola into it and give it a minute to sit...oh my,my...it's the best!!!

Kameron said...

That hot one sounds right up my alley!! Do you get them at Whole Foods?? I wonder if I can find them here.