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2009 189

This was supposed to be Strawberry Week around Pope Academy, but due to a wet winter the farms don't open until next week so we did a little switcheroo.

And it ended up being the perfect week to talk about weather since we started with a wet, 60 degree day and ended with a hot 80 degree one!

I also decided to give the Tray System a shot and it is totally worthy of all the hype it gets in Blogland!

I moved our Quiet Work Shelf to another cabinet and used that for our Tray Spot. It is so easy to set up. All you need is a spot to lay each activity for that day. It made it so nice to see what we were going to be doing and Josie could see how many she had completed and what she had left!

I haven't ordered our trays yet, but you really don't need them. It would be nice to keep the supplies together, but this worked just fine for us.

2009 144

We did a lot of reading this week! There are a ton of weather books at the library!

Here is our Weather Chart that we filled out each morning. I found it on Homemade Preschool and if you haven't checked her out, you need to! I printed off a ton of her worksheets and Josie has loved every single one!

2009 202

We did patterns with Bears. This was her first time doing this. She had a hard time with ABCABC patterns, but ABAB she rocked at!

2009 166

Letter recognition with ABC Bingo.

I made these cards and had them laminated. I'm starting to figure out Josie's learning style and right now she learns super fast through games. Most of these letters we haven't gone over but she was able to recall most of the names after we played this a few times!

2009 180

We got all glammed up with some necklaces that we beaded! Then we put the numbers in numerical order when we cleaned up.

2009 149

To learn about wind we made kites out of paper and string. Of course it wasn't windy this day so they didn't fly very well.

2009 204

2009 205

2009 207

I found this little experiment and it was very simple. You just fill a jar with water and cover it. Place it in the fridge for a few hours then set it on the counter. As the jar warms up water drops roll down the jar and it looks like rain.

2009 210

Cutting out raindrops. She can do a straight line pretty well, but any kind of curves are really hard for her.

2009 211

We made our W for our Alphabet Book.

2009 212

This next activity I found at Three Little Birds and thought it looked great.

It works like a puzzle but exposes her to the sight words. It took a couple tries for her to understand what I was asking her to do.

2009 213

2009 214

And we wrapped up our weather talk with our Baby Doll Laundry Mat! I talked about drying clothes on the line when it's sunny out and then let her wash her little heart out!


Wow! That was a long post. We had a busy week!

Next week we are learning about berries and going on a fun field trip to the strawberry farm!

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Josie is 3 (38 months)


Smileyhappychan said...

Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I've been trying to find a good weather chart for preschoolers. Thanks for the link!

sbswtp said...

what a great theme!