I Spy With My Little Eye...

2009 209

I'm not going to lie.

When Josie and I did our daily garden check on Tuesday and spotted a real, live sprout I squealed!

I had just told my Mom that there were some green things growing but I wasn't sure if they were weeds or my veggies.

Well I now can tell the difference!

Since then we've spotted a very twisty and cool looking green bean sprout, tiny carrot sprouts, a lonely watermelon sprout, and just last night our first summer squash poked it's head out.

It is truely exciting to see this process. If you've never planted a garden, you should! Even just a small planter garden would be inspiring to watch!

On a side note, I got a lot of comments on our grass name project. So far, no growth on that one. I'll let you know if it decides to cooperate!