Little School - Rainbows!

Tot School

Josie is 3 (38 months)

2009 286

This week we learned all about the letter R!

Here was our memory verse:

2009 287

Josie is still doing well memorizing and retaining her verses.

Josie's favorite activity is usually our cooking project and this week was especially fun! We made a rainbow cheesecake!

We started with the white cheesecake and then made red, blue, and yellow. From there we experimented to find out what would happen when we mixed them together.

2009 265

2009 268

She was so excited when it changed colors! I thought this was a great lesson and when I quizzed her on what colors make what a few days later she remembered all of them!

2009 270

2009 271

We did some rainbow coloring sheets.

We do a ton of free art where she can do whatever she wants so this was a good lesson in following directions. Which we need to work on! She had a hard time staying in the lines, but I'm not really concerned with that. I like free art better.

2009 284

2009 285

Then we did color words and ROY G. BIV.

2009 289

Am I the only one that has no idea what color Indigo is?!?!

2009 290

Another skill we haven't worked on is cutting. She loves to use her scissors but I had never shown her the right way to use them or how to cut on a line. She did awesome with this!

2009 291

We did some letter reveiw. I'm going to do this a couple times a week because she had forgotten quite a few.

2009 293

We actually only did school one day this week. We had some friends that needed extra love and errands that had to get done. We did try out our little library's story time instead of driving to the big one. We loved it and I plan to go back every week that we can.






Dawn said...

What a neat week - I love the simplicity of your activities, yet they are still full of learning opportunities. I don't think I've come across your blog before while checking out Tot School posts. I enjoyed it!

Char said...

Great week. Your daughter is beautiful. BTW I went to your money managment post and I love your jars, so adorable. What a great idea to pay in dimes too. My daughter is still too young to get paid for chores, but someday I think we will do something similiar. I am now following your blog.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

what great activities! I love the Bible verses you incorporated with it! 1st time visiting your blog - I invite you to come visit back! :)

Brakes and Gas said...

Oh my word! I can't believe I happened upon your blog again! One day, like 2 years ago I ran across your blog and stayed up way too late reading about your adoption tales. I was so moved by your story! My in-laws are in the process of their second foster-adoption so hearing about other people's experiance is always of a special interest. Anyways, I read almost your whole blog and loved it but I forgot to bookmark it and I could not remember the name. Lo and behold, you posted Josie's second birthday over at underthetableanddreaming, and I just happened to click on it because I am always interested in bug parties (adorable party, BTW)and I could not believe it when I saw your lovely daughter's photos! She is so cute! Anyways, please don't think I am a stalker, I just had to share my excitment. I love your little school ideas too; I can't wait until my daughter is big enought to do such fun stuff with! Take care!

Susan said...

What fun rainbow activities. I plan to do a rainbow week this summer and will be checking back for more ideas. Thanks!