The Other Side Of Friendship

I've been writing this post in my head for a few days now.

I can't figure out exactly how to put into words what I have seen take place in the past few days, but it has been beautiful so I'm going to try.

While most of us were hunting eggs and putting baskets together for our kids, one of my best friends was saying Goodbye to a baby that would never breathe his first breath. While we drove to church in our Easter dresses, she laid in a hospital bed. And while we all went to eat a family meal, she was mourning.

It was a very sad Easter for one of my best friends.

Tiffany was 12 weeks along. Barely out of her first trimester, but head over heels for that baby none the less.

When I called the other girls to let them know what had happened, there were sighs, cries, and a resounding, "what can I do?" from each of them.

Tuesday Amber, Amy, and I spent the day over at Tiffany's house. Watching her boys, cleaning up the house, and stuffing her face with as much comfort food as she could handle.

The room was filled with commodore. Love.

Some of us have been friends for over 10 years. Others are just now beginning a friendship. But when Amber wrapped her arms around Tiff and held on tight, I realized something I hadn't before.

This is the other side of friendship.

I have yet to have an experience that requires my girls to rally in the wee hours of the morning to offer me their support.

Tragedy has not struck my life.

So I hadn't seen this side before.

With tears in the back of all of our eyes, we pushed on. Thankful for the babies we all have here on Earth, and sad for the one we won't get to meet.

While I'm sure Tiffany appreciated the chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, dips, and lunch, I think it was the company that made her smile. Laugh.

And while I took in my fair share of all that yumminess, I know that as I drove home with tears on my face, it was because I was thankful for real friends (especially ones who can cook like mine can!).

Yes, this girl who doesn't cry at The Notebook, does cry at real life friends.

While I'm glad to have my besties that I can shop with, craft with, laugh uncontrollably with, I'm just as grateful (if not a little more so) that these same girls are the ones I can cry with, scream with, and just sit in silence with.

I am thankful that there is another side to friendship.


Elizabeth said...

Prayers are with each of you girls. I don't believe I have ever met Tiffany, but my thoughts are extended out to her all the way from Tennessee! I have never been in her shoes, but I do know it has to be hard. The friendship ya'll have is so special. This post brought tears to my eyes! :(

Amber said...

Love you too! :)

kimmer said...

How sad it is for Tiffany and Jason to have lost their baby. Sometimes things happen in our lives that just flat out do not have any answers. But when friends show up and show kindnesses like you have done, it helps so very much! Life keeps moving forward and your group of friends are a true gift that will support each other....what a blessing!!!

The Benefields said...

way to make me cry butthead! you know i have over-abundant tear ducts!

The Glovers said...

thanks nicole!