He's A Busy Man

Friday night, Andrew took me on a hot date.

I love, love, love date nights!

We had a Longhorn giftcard so we ate there and then headed over to the Dollar Movies to see Valentines Day. I can't even tell you the last time we went to the theatre to see a movie. And between the 4 year old boy kicking my seat and the man next to us who spent the entire movie on his phone explaining the movie to someone, I remembered why I love Redbox so much!

And FYI, the Dollar Theatre is now the Two Dollar Theatre.

Friday night was my date night, and Saturday night belonged to this little woman:


Andrew has been taking Josie on dates now for about a year. She loves them!


Usually she is gracious about leaving me at home. This time she taunted me that I had to stay home.
Little stinker.


They went to Daddy Daughter Night at a local resturaunt.


Man, does Andrew love his Little Girlfriend.


And I have a feeling she is just as crazy about him!

(And I am not the least bit jealous that he spent $4 on my date and 6x that on hers!)


kimmer said...

That is the sweetest thing that just the two of them go and do fun things together!!! Andrew is a great dad and it's little things like this that will make her feel so special!!!! That's awesome!