Her Own Beat


Last Tuesday was Parent Watch Night at Josie's ballet class.
We turned it into Parent-Aunt Amber-Nana Watch Night but judging from the insane amount of people in the room, I think it was safe to say there were a few other non parents in the room too!


I would also like to point out that nobody informed me that every child would be wearing a tutu for Watch Night.
Next year she will have the biggest tutu in the room! (and hopefully a leotard with a little less sag in the booty area!)
Getting clear pictures was a challange.
Three year old ballerinas are fast!


Oh, the cuteness!


Whenever they had to do something solo, Josie would keep moving to the back of the line and try not to make eye contact with the teacher!



I swear she likes ballet. She looks like such a sour puss in these pictures!
She would smile when I put the camera down.
My teeny tiny ballerina diva.


The recital is at the end of May and I can't wait to see her in action.
And let me tell you, this girl takes her action very seriously!


Sucked in check bones? check. Dancing when nobody else is? check.
Let's take a closer look at that dance move:


Now that's what I call dancing like nobody is watching!


Amber said...

haha....Crazy Arms! Thanks for letting me go to watch night! I enjoyed it and cannot wait to sign Olivia up. I love the zoomed in pic, you couldn't see that determination across the room. I can't wait till her recital!!!!

Thanks for the comment this morning! Your the best! : )

kimmer said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! What a little Diva...with a capital D!!!!