Flower Wrap Up

We had a couple activites for learning about flowers that we didn't squeeze in last week so we did them over the weekend.

The first one she did in Arizona when we went to the Farmers Market. It was so easy. Although, the one we did in Arizona never sprouted and it's too early to tell about this one so I'm not sure if it's going to work!

You just take a wet cotton ball and wrap it around a bean seed. Place it in a baggie and hang it in a window until it sprouts.

We like to be fancy around these parts, so we made ours into a necklace.

2009 082

She calls it her "Bean Baby."

2009 083

The last one was a great review of what we covered last week.

I found this activity on Homemade Preschool.

I colored the pictures and cut them out last night, then today Josie glued them on the sheet as I read the poem.

2009 143

2009 140


Brooke said...

I really need to start some preschool activities with T that are a little more structured in nature. What are your favorite sites to reference online?

Mo said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now and never commented...but I think I might be able to help with the "bean baby". I've done this project several times before and it looks like your bean may be too wet. The cotton ball should be wetter than damp, but not soaked.

Thanks for writing an interesting and thought provoking blog.

Anonymous said...

I teach second grade and here is an EASY plant project!!! A knee-hi Chia-Pet. Take one knee hi and put about 2-3 cups of dirt in it. Also add about a tablespoon of grass seeds. Tie the end of the knee hi so the dirt won't come out. Place it on a styrofoam plate and water it. You can put googly eyes on it too. Takes about a week to grow "hair".