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This has been a pretty uneventful week so not much blog material.

Our excitement can be wrapped up into three points:

We bought Josie her first kite. I only paid $1 for it and I think we got what we paid for. The kite never took flight, but I did manage to snap a pretty funny picture of Andrew trying desperatly to get the kite airborn.

2009 303

Poor guy, he tried so hard!

Second, we started our Adoption Discovery class on Wednesday. We thought 25 people had signed up but only one couple showed up. It made it a little awkward at first, but they were an awesome couple and it really reminded me how confusing and scary adoption is when you don't have the facts. I had forgotten the late nights spent on Google trying to make sense of all the information. So I'm excited to help them navigate through the process.

And that church is reopening the registration so we might start up another one if there is any interest.

And lastly, Andrew finished up his semester while we were on vacation! He did extremely well. In School Andrew doesn't have a ton of extra time for hanging out so we've been trying to make up for it while Out Of School Andrew is around. Last night we had our Besties over for dinner and it was so so fun!

The girls and I finished a big bottle of wine a little too quickly, but it made for some good laughs. Nobody parties like us on a Thursday night!

I went to sleep last night smiling about how much I love my life. I have an awesome husband who I can't get enough of, a (sassy) great daughter, and friends that I'm pretty sure I'll still have when I'm old and grey(er).

No pictures from last night except this one:

2009 305

I've been telling Amy for weeks that Matalie was too big for the bouncy seat, but we couldn't find a weight limit so she kept sticking her in there. During dinner Josie told us, "Somethings wrong with Matawee."

Indeed there was.

On a totally different note: If you ordered a Crayon Roll for Easter, they are all going out by Monday. I've had a hard time getting my Sewing Mojo back, but a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday kicked me in gear. They will still be there in time for Easter! Sorry for the delay!


Anonymous said...

That is a hilarious picture of Andrew! We also recently bought a kite for Charlie...paid about $2 for it. It didn't fly either. :)

Amber said...

Those pictures made me almost pee my pants again. I think I laughed so hard I cried when Fat Mat broke the bouncy. Poor kid!

Thanks for dinner & a great night!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing at the picture of Andrew!
1. It looks like he has leggings on. That in itself is hilarious.

We have that same bouncer, and right away I thought, "oh boy, that is not right!!" She's too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha....That picture of Andrew is so hilarious. And that precious baby...I'm speechless! :)