The Next Chapter - March

The night before Josie and I left for Florida The Next Chapter met for our March Bookclub.

Amber had picked, "The Help" and she held Bookclub at her house.

I had never heard of this book, but in the past month I've talked to a bunch of people who are reading it.

I loved this book. It's told from 3 different woman's veiwpoints during the Civil Right Movement in the Deep South.

I know that at some point I learned about the crazy stuff that went on in our country during that time, but I guess reading about it as an adult struck a different cord in me. I found it so interesting and so strange that people were so segregated just 40 years ago.

The discussion for this book was our best yet. Darlene was able to share what she saw first hand when the integrated her high school right here in our town her Senior Year. A few members grew up in the North and the rest in the South so it was really neat to learn about how different parts of the country handled those times.

I for sure recommend this book. It was hard to put down and not too long.

Amber made a yummy, yummy dinner and then whipped up a homemade Chocolate Pie.

2009 004

If you read the book you'll understand why we all made her take the first bite!

Amy is hosting next month and we are reading, "The Next Thing On My List."