Little School - Letter P!

Verse : "Pray Without Ceasing." (1 Thes. 5:17)

Book : A Penguin Pup For Pemperton

Activity : Make Pretzels

Craft : Paper Plate Pigs

We had a ton of fun today at Little School! We learned about the letter P. I might have gotten a little carried away with all the P words and activities, but the kids enjoyed it.

I had the grand idea of making homemade pretzels. I looked online and found what I thought would be an easy recipe.


This should have been my first clue that things weren't quite right.


They were seriously an epic failure.


Josie told everyone that they were "Super Yucky." Thanks kid.

While we waited for the Super Yucky Pretzels to rise (they never did), I read the kids a book filled with P's while they munched on Popcorn.



Then we did some art. I came up with this idea last night somewhere between my fourth glass of wine and passing out. It actually was really fun!

I gave them red and white paint to mix together to make pink and then had them paint a paper plate and a couple scraps of paper for the ears and nose.





We wrapped it up with Pizza Wheels (english muffins topped with sauce and cheese).

Next week we are doing activites all week to learn about Easter so I should have some fun posts!


bri said...

SO exciting! Again I am inspired! ;). I have such ambition but when it comes to juggling the days alone survival seems to come into play.

One day... I will get there, one day :)