Simple Pleasures

One of my Daily Blogs, Kelly's Korner, did a post today about simple pleasures. I'm a copy cat and thought it was an uplifting way to start the day so here are a few of my simple pleasures..
  • Listening to Josie play Mommy with her babies

  • Those few minutes in the morning where it's just me awake.

  • Freshly vaccumed floors

  • Wandering aimlessly through Target without a time limit

  • Random texts from Andrew

  • Watching my best friends spend time in my house like it's their house

  • Fat Mat's thighs

  • Josie telling me I'm her daughter

  • Family story time before bed

  • Playing Scramble with Andrew before bed

  • Warm afternoons.
  • A perfect Mocha on cool afternoon
  • Fresh paint


kimmer said...

Oh...all of these simple pleasures are simply the Best!!! It made me happy just to read your list!!! I must share just one of mine with you, since it's a newly discovered one. Here it is; Having my phone ring (at just the right moment), when I really needed to hear a voice to hold on to, when grampa was really, really sick. And having it be you with comforting and loving words to share. Thank you!

Kameron said...

It's nice to focus on the little details sometimes. It can bring things into perspective!