Just Keep Swimming...

Operation Under The Sea Birthday Party is in full swing around here.

I have come to the point where even my supportive friends think I might be losing my mind. Yesterday, Amber suggested that I save my stress for Josie's wedding day and I almost broke into hives that I haven't planned a single thing for her wedding yet!

I kid, I kid. I will give her (almost) full decision power for that event!

I have stratigically planned out what I have to do each day so that everything is done in time for us to enjoy The Mabes Housewarming Party Friday night.

Today was sucker day!


I have never made suckers before, but when Amy and I saw these Sea Creature molds (back in JUNE! I know, I need help!) I snatched them right up.

It was messy, but fun!


I only had blue, yellow, pink, and white candies so the first batch was very baby shower looking. But then I started mixing and was able to add some green, purple, and almost orange to the mix and they were just perfect!


Can you guess who got to lick the bowls?!?!


I even let her sample one after they set.


They are yummy and so cute!


On the agenda for tomorrow? Sugar cookie overload.

Oh, and painting the guest room.

Cause I don't have enough to do!


Kameron said...

You are a planner extrordinaire! I love the lolipops! Are they just white chocolate?

JordanWest said...

Haha, my mom's planning is soo opposite of yours, Nicole! Pretty sure she will shy away from my wedding plans altogether, so I may be enlisting you to help! :)

kimmer said...

WOW!!!! Love the suckers! And as I can tell, little Josie-kat does, too!!!! Looks like alot of Fun! You are getting so good at party planning!