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I've got another art project for you!

I'm learning that teaching Josie and keeping her occupied is not nearly as expensive as I thought it was going to be.

This is another activity that kept us busy, taught us about colors, and didn't cost a dime.

Unless you count the cost of the toilet paper, but that commodity had already been used up!

Here's what you need:

2009 281

I let Josie paint the rolls before nap and then let them dry while she slept.

I love naptime.

If I would have been thinking I would have made sure she painted the inside.

After they dried I cut in about 2 inches on each side all the way around and bent the flaps back.

2009 295

I cut out 2 stems and 4 leaves and had Josie glue them on.

Note to self: two year olds do not have the discernment to know how much glue is too much glue!

2009 297

And there you have it!

2009 296

We needed a place to display our art for Daddy to see when he gets home from work so I rigged this bad boy up.

2009 298

I actually really like it!

2009 301

-Papa Moose and GiGi: We did this craft right before we wrote out your Valentine which should help explain Josie's strange comment about loving toilet paper!


kimmer said...

Oh, thank you for explaining!!! We really couldn't figure out why she was telling us that she loves t. paper!!! But we got a big laugh out of it anyway! We Love our valentines very much!!! Thank you, Josie!