My New Favorite

Sure I love big bows.


And you know I'm a fan of a girly dress.


But my new favorite thing for Josie to wear is neither girly nor stylish.

It's a over sized t shirt and jammie pants.



I'm pretty sure this is what I grew up wearing to bed and my heart melted into a big puddle when I put her in this for bed the other night.

It makes her look so little.

Add that to the fact that she's let me rock her to sleep the last two nights and I'm in Mommy Heaven.


kimmer said...

Right On!!!! She looks adorable! And how sweet to be rocking her to sleep!!! She is so Adorable! I am in MaeMae heaven just thinking about it!

The Swann's said...

I'll give it to you... Hands down. She's precious in anything you put on her!!! I love that she let you rock her to sleep not once but twice... So sweet!!!!

Paige said...

I love the fact that she lets you rock her to sleep!! That is so stinking sweet! I love the jamas too!

Kameron said...

I love the jammies! How old was she when you pierced her ears? I'm debating between doing it now or waiting, but I'm torn.