Cinderella, Cinderella

Lately I've been in a bit of a cleaning rut.

I do the piddly pick up throughout the day, but when I tried to think back to the last time I did a deep clean of any room in our house, I couldn't.

I always thought when I started staying home I'd have time to have the whole house spick and span at all times. But somehow, night comes and somedays I've barely changed out of my PJ's let alone picked up a mop.

So I've decided to come up with a system.

If you know me, you know I love three things (you know, besides my family and all that). I love a schedule. I love having everything in it's place. And I love feeling like I accomplished something at the end of the day.

I was laying in bed last night reading The Next Chapter's March book, The Help, when I was inspired to create a cleaning schedule.

I know it's nothing new and a lot of you might already do this, but to me it is perfect. When one of the main characters, a maid, started talking about Sheet Cleaning Day I knew that what I needed was a Sheet Cleaning Day.

So I made up the following schedule:
  • Monday - Clean All Bathrooms
  • Tuesday - Dust All Rooms, Vacuum Downstairs
  • Wednesday - Deep Clean Kitchen
  • Thursday - Clean Laundry Room, Vacuum Upstairs
  • Friday - Wash All Bedding
  • Saturday - Mop Hardwoods
  • Sunday - Clean The Stinky Fish Bowl

Of course I still have to laundry every other day to make sure Andrew has clean uniforms (yes, he still only has 2) and I do a light cleaning of the kitchen everyday too.

I'm sure there will be changes, like tomorrow we are going to the aquarium so I did the bathrooms today, but overall I know this is going to work for me.

I'm also planning on deep cleaning a room a month, like on my hands and knees scrubbing. We have 12 rooms in the house so it should work out.

This totally got me in the mood to Spring Clean, but we will be gone pretty much the whole month of March so that will have to wait until April.

So how about you? Do you need a schedule to actually clean?


Anonymous said...

I've made schedules but never stuck to them. My problem is I plan 2 full days to get the house completly clean then try to keep it that way. But end up doing full cleans everyday. Get burnt out & let it go for a while.
I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm going to try it again.

The Stairs Family said...

good idea! i need a schedule too!

are you guys going on vacation in march?

Anonymous said...

I have too many kids that just walk behind me an "undo" what I've just done. SO....I just tread water, all day - every day.

I tidy up almost all rooms every day. I vaccuum the living room every couple/few days. I clean clean all 4 bathrooms about 1x/week. (2 rarely get used, so they're easy). Laundry every day.

I "company clean" when we have commpany. Sometimes I purposely invite people over to force myself to "company clean." :)

kimmer said...

What a good idea!!! Remember Gretchen who was 80 years old and lived next door to us? She had a schedule much like yours and lived by it for 60 years!!! Her house always looked so nice!!!! You have such a beautiful house...its awesome that you want to keep everything so clean! Maybe some of those cleaning jobs I gave you are paying off!!! ha-ha!

Kameron said...

I need some motivation, do you have any of that? :) It is so hard when I work all week to want to come home and clean or waste my weekends, but it has to be done!