.70 Cents Worth Of Fun

2009 179

On our Valentines Day Date, Josie and I spent some time at Marshall's.

I love that place.

Right when we were about to check out, I spotted this cake painting kit for .70 cents. I had every intention of storing it up in the attic with hopes that it would survive until next Christmas. But when Josie laid eyes on it she couldn't quit talking about it.

After day 3 of her waking up asking to make her trees, I gave in.

2009 180

2009 181

2009 183

The kit came with everything you needed. The pans, the frosting, the mixes, and the edible paint.

2009 185

2009 186

2009 187

2009 189

2009 190

I thought the cakes were pretty gross, but it entertained us for over an hour and as you can see,

2009 194

Josie didn't mind the taste.

2009 195


Kameron said...

At least it was fun, if not tasty!