The Wall


This wall has been a pain in my behind since we got rid of our TV.

It's big and tall and really, really tan. Which did nothing for my tan couch.


And then one glorious day, I stumbled across The Lettered Cottage and found Leila's Photo Wall.

It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

And she made it look so easy.

Maybe she didn't have measurement issues. She probably remembered to account for outlets and cable hook ups. I'm sure she also doesn't suffer from a seriously short attention span and I bet she had the appropriate brushes to make painting a breeze.

I, however, knew none of the above so this "Do It Herself" project turned into, "I Need Everyone To Help Me" project.

But it's done and I love it and it's exactly what The Wall needed.

Amber and I recruited David to help us with the trek to Home Depot and it's a good thing we did. I had no idea what I was looking for and my math skills were seriously lacking.

But we got the goods and the next day I set to work with my Liquid Nails.


We questioned if this was the way professionals secure beadboard to the walls.


I'm sure it is.


Either way, it didn't fall during the night so I guess we were successful.


And then there was the whole "How the heck do I make the hole for the outlet?" conversation. We decided to bring it to Papa Curt and have him cut it.

I measured where the hole would be and we brought it outside.

Amy's car didn't have enough room so we improvised.

We tried to secure it to the roof of her car.

With yarn.

We got a block up the street before I decided our idea was ridiculous and we turned around.

Papa Curt came to our house after I told him about the yarn incident. And it's a good thing, since my measurement of where the outlet was was way off.


Andrew helped me attach the ledge and the trim and I spent the next few days priming and painting.

And even though I thought this project would never get done, it did.

2009 196

And I love it.

2009 198

I'm still working on accersorizing it and I have grand plans for the space above it. But for now, I just like to look at it.

2009 199

And I don't hate my couch anymore!

2009 200

Let's have a little side by side!



2009 200

Woo Woo!


Vanessa said...

WOW!! I have that same wall! : ) I would not have thought to put beadboard on it, though. It looks just great!!

Misty said...

wow that is awesome! Great job!

The Stairs Family said...

Ok we are moving soon and the living room in our new house has that exact kind of wall and I"ve been stressing over what to do with it (ya know, cause there arent better things to stress about!) Anyway- I absolutely love, love, love what you did and it will be so cute to decorate at Christmastime! If you get a spare minute, could you pretty please email me the details about your project (what you bought, etc) and also, about how much did everything cost? I'm trying to do this on a tight budget so hopefully this will work! Again- you did a GREAT job, I love it! My email is the4stairs@yahoo.com


ji said...

Wow-you are SO crafty...it looks awesome!!!!

Maura said...

It looks incredible!! What a good idea. It really changes the whole room. Love it!

The Swann's said...

wow!!!! LOVE what you did!!!! Wish we were homeowners again so I could try this! :-)

Anonymous said...

SPECTACULAR!! Looks like something out of H&G seriously.

kimmer said...

You are decorateur extraordinaire!!!!!!! guess who?

That's what she said said...

I have the same wall just not as long. The height kills me! Great idea. I'll add that to my list of thing to do that will never get done.

Natasha said...

You are amazingly brilliant. This is seriously awesome! It looks fantastic.

Mrs. M said...

I love it!
And you just gave me the courage to do something like this myself in our kitchen...which I have been dreaming about for a year or more!
It's awesome! Great job! Love the fun pics and stories...keeping it real.